Monday, September 24, 2012

Blah Blah, Monday

 Started off the day feeling energized and refreshed. Shocking because most Mondays I'm totally dragging around like a zombie. I got the kids out of the house early and headed out to do my 2 mile walk. Faith and I came home for Lunch but then headed out again to run errands for myself and my Mom. By 2:00 I was extremely TIRED! When I say tired, I mean "doze off" at the wheel tired. I got about eight hours sleep last night so this is totally not me. I hurried home thinking I would get a half hour nap in before the little ones got home...wrong, Faith wanted to play. Realizing that the nap wasn't going to happen I got up to fix supper. The  kids came home super excited reminding me that Kade(#2) had a football game in a few hours. So that meant missing my two favorite shows on TV. No rest for the weary! Great thing is that I got another another 1 mile walk in before the game. It's now 8:00pm and I'm wide awake. What's a mother to do?

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