Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

  Today is Saturday and the weather is absolutely gorgeous! Poor little Faith is dealing with Eczema and an allergic reaction to my sister's new Chihuahua puppy. The Eucerin Cream that I've been using is not giving any relief to the eczema rash so I've added a hydrocortisone to the mix and Children's Claritin. Praying for relief soon, the poor thing is miserable. If anyone knows of any natural remedies, please let me know. On another note, we went Garage Sale hopping this morning and found some very cute items. I felt like I'd won the lottery. Having four kids its not like I'm able to go shopping often like I use to. To be honest, I only picked up two items for myself today. Everything else was for Faith and my "Little Brownie." When given the chance to pick out her own toy she was so excited and has been walking around with the contraption like its the first toy she's ever got. If its going to be like this I'll be going Christmas shopping in the neighborhood this year! Take a look at my Garage Sale finds below, I only spent $13 total today.
District 2-20120922-00352.jpgDistrict 2-20120923-00366.jpg
District 2-20120922-00353.jpgDistrict 2-20120922-00350.jpg
District 2-20120922-00364.jpgDistrict 2-20120922-00358.jpg


  1. Love garage sales, but if I go with the kids we come home with far more junk than we need....

    1. Lol, I can see that happening with mine.

  2. I love garage sales and was thinking about doing one for myself. My husband has a lot of things that I would loooovve to give away lol.