Friday, September 14, 2012

Chubby baby, Chubby Momma!

   Faith had her 1 year check-up today and is doing well! She has caught up on the growth chart and is in the the 75th percentile for her actual age, which is awesome. All is well besides her daily tantrums which we'll keep and eye on. Due to her prematurity, she could have sensory issues. I on the other hand...not so good. Blood pressure is still high, seems like with no intention on coming down without medication. So here I am 32 years old on Norvasc. That is not cool! Although I have been walking and trying to eat right, my frequent "sweet tooth" has gotten the best of me. My current weight is OMG, 178lbs. I have never been this size even while pregnant. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I chose to change it and move on. I intend on rewarding myself with each 5 pound lose. My goal weight by February is 160lbs. The PGX was not working out so it seems like I'll have to "wing it" and push away from the table. I truly believe once I have my weight under control then my blood pressure will decrease as well. I'll be weighing in every Thursday, so join me on my quest to find the old Crystal!

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