Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cake, Cake, Cake...

  Today is my 25th Birthday!!! Ok, I lied about the age but it's really my birthday. I had simple Motherly request today. They included going out for lunch, a walk through Lowe's and no housework. I most say I got those three wishes so I'm content. The day turned out to be beautiful and I'd throw in a request for grilled steaks tonight but #2 has yet another football game. I'm exhausted but so thankful to be in good health to attend my kid's after school activities. A brush with death and two weeks of bedrest can make a girl not want to lie down or close her eyes to sleep. The Mister took a vacation so I'm excited to have adult company for a few days. Check him and Ms. Faith out.
#2  made me a bracelet.

District 2-20120926-00402.jpg
Faith at Lowe's posing with a friend.

My surprise Cake from my Bestie.


  1. Happy Birthday! (coming from a SITS girl!)