Monday, September 10, 2012

Hypertension is NO JOKE!!

So I landed in the ER again, with blood pressure issues again. So now I see this thing is real and I need to accept the fact, that something needs to be done FAST! Those lingering 30 post pregnancy pounds have got to go. The 2 miles that I walk 3 times a week isn't doing anything if I continue to pig out when I get home. So now I'm seriously on a mission to kick the fat and hypertension. To jump start things I'm currently taking PGX, it's suppose to be natural and I'll soon start taking CLA. Can't wait to see some results! I refuse to accept the sentence of hypertension or being thick just because I had a baby one year ago. So here's to getting my sexy back!

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  1. Hey, sweet friend! I'm having a hard time contacting you since you're a no-reply commenter! Can you email me at about Project Sweet Pea? :)