Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Broken Hearts Please(Updated)

  In a few hours I'll be going to my Cardiologist for the results on my 24-hour heart monitoring and for more tests. Hopefully the "ole ticker" is in good shape and it's only anxiety that's causing my heart to feel like it'll jump right out of my chest at times. Also my pressure is up and down so that's a concern. I've been trying to relax and take it easy but sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. I guess it's all balance, I'll just have to find it somewhere along the way. Praying for good news.

Update: My stress test came back fine. I do have a leaky valve and have been experiencing tachycardia, meaning sometimes my heart rate is in the 150s when the average adult's heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute. I'll be starting medication to take care of that. Thankfully it's all minor!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

  Today I am Guest Blogging at Battling the Home Front. This blog belongs to Jessica, who's husband proudly serves our country overseas. Jessica is seeking coupons to use while overseas due to the high cost of things. If you would like information on that you can contact me and I'll give you information. 

  So, check out my guest post; Son Are Those My Heels Your Wearing? 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weigh-In Thursday!

  I am very pleased this morning! I got a new scale scale so it could be slightly off by a few ounces, although the weight does correlate with Monday's Doctor's appointment. But to be on the safe side I'll just say 2 more pounds down since last week!

District 2-20121025-00568.jpg
169lbs 8oz

You can also follow my Weight Loss Challenge Buddies:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I Love...

   I awoke this morning down in the dumps. I hate days like this, so I decided to do the first thing that entered my head...pray. I got up feeling better and then it clicked in my head, "if this day is gonna get any better, its up to me to change it." So I marched my butt into the kitchen, made some coffee and ignored the two fighting kids in my background. As my morning progressed things got worst, #2 had a severe tantrum, Faith decided to rip all my coupons in half and I dropped my new iPhone. Regardless I was still determined to shake the devil off. I decided what I needed to do was take a minute, regroup and just stop. I grabbed a tablet and decided to write down the things that I love and bring me happiness, here are a few:

1. I Love to cook, with that being said I also love to eat.

2. I Love to host events and cater to my guest.

3. I love the Fall season.

4. I love to see my son Kobi shoot a basketball.

5. I Love softball and would spend all day playing it in the park with my family or whomever wants to play.

6. I Love HGTV and I can and will watch home improvement shows all day.

7. I Love puppies!

8. I Love to hear my Mother laugh, it's contagious.

9. I Love to hear my Dad cuss it's hilarious.

10. I Love Target and Lowe's, I'd move in if they let me!

11. I Love company and hate to be alone.

12. I Love tattoos.

13. I Love Coffee but just got a warning from the Cardio Dr to quit.

14. I Love to take pics of random things.

15. I Love Faith's gap-toothed smile.

16. I Love Jewelry, not the expensive kind but Etsy jewelry.

17. I Love shopping.

18. I Love to see #2 and "My Little Brownie" dance.

19. I Love to laugh, was told I don't look friendly but I swear if u can make me laugh u'll be my friend 4-eva!

20. I LOVE ME!

If your having one of those "wanna throw a brick days" try the 20 Things I Love, it just might cheer you up.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bittersweet Moments

  This past weekend I did some serious house cleaning, and I realized the first thing that was in the way was Faith's cradle. I've been using it for the past few months as a "catch all." As much as I loved it, I knew it was time to part with it. It was bittersweet because one year ago it was being assembled in preparation for her homecoming from the NICU. It was very had to see it go, but Faith is becoming a big girl and needs a "big girl' bed now. It's been 6yrs since I had a toddler and I forgot how quickly they grow up. I'm trying to soak up every moment and milestone. I know soon she'll be walking and fending off my hugs and kisses. For now I'm just living in the moment.



Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our lil Pumpkins

  This weekend I decided to skip Garage Sales since I have two "sick chickens" recovering from nasty colds. We stayed in and did crafts, which makes Fall seem so real even though it was about 81 degrees. We attempted the Golden and Zombie Pumpkins and they came out pretty darn cute.

Supplies Needed:

Modge Podge
Paint Brushes
Eye Stickers
Paper Plates
Golden Glitter Sparkles


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weigh-In Thursday

  I stepped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised. I surpassed my weeks goal and I'm extremely proud of myself. I'm totally feeling this Weight Watchers thingy!! Even though I tend to go over my daily allowed points on my emotional days, I do have a hard time getting in all of them sometimes. Feeling great, I'll just need to work on my "soccer mom" attire once I've meet my goal. Four more pounds down!!

Yes, I need a pedicure! 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Male Dancer for Hire

  So Christmas is 69 days away and I so love this season...BUT, how I wish it was tax return season too! Being a SAHM, I try to live frugal and with today's economy who isn't? I've been also trying to teach my kids the value of a buck. As a kid I was given everything I wanted, which backfired on my parents and heck even backfired on me! When the recession hit I darn near lost my mine. Anyways back to Christmas, last week I told the kids to make a list of 3 items that they really wanted. They were like "ONLY THREE THINGS!" so I had to explain they chose three and just maybe they'll get something else. Well they were cool with that until the Mister comes in last night and tells them in his coolest Santa voice "Make a list of what you want for Christmas, anything!" You can imagine how annoyed I was because there is a budget and I know their new request would break it. I was the reminded by him that every year we go the frugal route and the kids rarely get what they want. That is sorta true but at the same time unless we get a surprise stimulus package, things are still tight. Things are tight for a lot of families, so I know many can relate. The holidays are about spending time with family and pigging out to me. The Mister still insists on getting his list, so I laid down the law and explained to him that he'll have to hold true to his promise and that means if he has to go "Shake It" at the Blue Moon part-time, then that's just what he'll do! I'm kiddin...


Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm blogging at My Thirty Spot today!!

  Today I'm a Guest Blogger on My Thirty Spot & Im sooooo excited!! 



Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love for 30 Project

  Tomorrow, I'll be a guest blogger on My Thirty Spot(www.MyThirtySpot.com). I'll be writing about my fabulous thirties compared to my twenties. The website is very interesting and one could definitely get lost in all the articles. So please show support and check out the blog and my guest post "Finally at Peace" tomorrow, Oct 15. 

The direct link to the article is: http://www.mythirtyspot.com/search/label/project


Saturday, October 13, 2012

  Girl Scouts meeting today so we didn't do Garage Sales. I was not looking forward to the meeting as you've probably read I don't do well sitting and listening for extended periods. As the time past this morning I was almost dreading the meeting. When we arrived I wanted to drop and run but felt like that wasn't the "motherly" things to do although several other mothers did. I didn't think the were "un-motherly" I thought they were smart. Things turned out nice and fun. The girl did some painting which is a favorite past time, so all is well.

District 4-20121013-00497.jpg
My "Little Brownie" painting and Gabby Painting.

District 4-20121013-00496.jpg


Friday, October 12, 2012

Love Letter Friday

  Today is Love Letter Friday and today's letter comes from my 7 year old daughter. She wrote it to me and it's so sweet, I just had to share it. If you would like to be a guest poster and share a love letter that you wrote or would like to write to someone, you can email me at: cjacksonboyd@gmail.com
Below is the letter from my "Little Brownie" 


  Your the best cook, I love how you move and cook alot. I'm glad you had another baby, I love her very much. You and Faith. I wish I could stay home with you and Faith. I love our family and I love you very, very, very, very much. Sweet dreams. For my Momma's blog!

I just love that little girl!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weigh-in Day

  My Weight today is down 2lbs!!!! I'm loving Weight Watchers and loving how I feel. I plan to cut my hair when I reach my goal weight of 165lbs. May even be sooner than that though. I'm so proud of myself. Right about now I'm doing the "thick girl" happy dance!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Lockdown

   While sitting in the Doctor's office this morning I got a text message from my nephew. The message read as follow, "We're on lockdown, they're been a bomb threat and someone said they're coming shoot up the school." My son attends the same school and didn't have his cell phone so I was unable to get in touch with him so I began to panic. I told my nephew that I was coming get them immediately. That wouldn't happen because they would not allow anyone to come in or leave the school. They were all locked in where ever they were when the threat came through. I then got a call from my Mom who works at the local elementary school. They were on lockdown as well, the person apparently made the threats towards all the local school. So here I am sitting in my vehicle feeling helpless. Three of my children seemingly in harms way and there wasn't anything I could do about it but pray. After a few hours the kids were dismissed and I was able to go get them. Imagine the relief I felt...Thank God for they're safe return home.


Monday, October 8, 2012

  This morning the first thing I did this morning was check my facebook page. Why I did this? I have no clue but it's a bad habit that must stop. As in stop now, today I'm deleting my account. Facebook claims a lot of my time, its been a factor for too long in my life. I can't count how many of my favorite shows I've missed or how many times I've set off the smoke alarm because I burnt food while cooking. A few months ago my account was hacked and someone posted vulgar messages under my name. When it happened I was so hurt and upset, it was one of many moments when facebook caused my blood pressure to rise. For instance I had facebook friends that would see me in public and not even say hello and then there are the facebook friends that only post pics or status updates when they want to brag about something. Don't get me wrong I post Faith's pics often and positive things going on in my life too. I guess I've just out grown the site and some of the foolery on there. I do plan to go back and get the pics I posted but it's time for us to go our separate ways. Maybe sometime in the future we can reconcile but for now it's time to move on. I have so many other things to focus on like losing weight, lowering this old pressure of mine and taking care of the kiddies. Heck I have 99 problems but facebook is no longer 1!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

  Garage Sales this Saturday were a bust. Didn't really purchase anything... Ok, I did purchase from the snack table. I know I didn't need it, but it was there and I hate to walk away empty handed especially when it's a charity garage sale. On another note, I joined Weight Watchers this morning. In the past I've done really well with the program. My weigh-ins will still be on Thursdays and if any of my blogger pals want to join in let me know. I'm also on My Fitness Pal. This link will take you directly to my profile page: 

A little motivation can go a long way!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Love Letter Friday

  I've decided that Fridays will be "Love Letter Friday." I'll write of Love or either feature a Guest Blogger to post a Love Letter of some sort. This Friday's letter is dedicated to my daughter Faith, born 17 weeks early.

    Dear Faith,

My miracle baby, God's sweetest creation and reason why I now smile. I'm sorry that I was unable to carry you longer. But your birth has restored my Faith and made me a firmer believer in Christ. You've taught me things in your first year of birth that sometimes takes adults forever to learn. They say things happen for a reason and I believe your birth was to give me a purpose. I've learned patience, I'm nicer and even smile for no reason. Who would have known that a one pound Baby would change the lives of so many people and bring an entire family together. If nothing else good happens to me, I've already been blessed for a lifetime. Faith, Thank You for being daughter. Thank you for the journey that has led me to be who I am now. I Love You!




Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weigh-In Thursday

  At the moment I don't have a pic. I'll admit it I went up one pound. I feel like a fat turd. Walking every day is just not getting it. I guess I'll have to add some form of Cardio to the routine. Currently I'm weighing in at 177lbs. Pounds be gone darn it!!!! This is how I'm feeling today...


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picasa 3

  Picasa 3 is so cool! I'm loving it and play with it every chance I get. As you can tell I love to take pics of Faith and she likes to pose...sometimes. These are pics taken with my Blackberry.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Pic Tuesday

  Today I'll put random pics of my cuties. I'm blessed with obedient and very funny kids. Although I seem to be a referee and maid lately, I wouldn't trade them for the world. They are my comedians, my Lexapro and Prozac. Love them to pieces!! Introducing #1, #2, #3, and Faith.


Monday, October 1, 2012

  Starting this week I'm going to try to eat right and stick to my diet. This past weekend was crazy and I gave into temptation. I've been unable to walk due to rainy weather, for four whole day. I'm so not looking forward to Thursday's weigh-in. For lunch today I sauted shrimp and it was delicious. I didn't follow a recipe, I just did a little "freestyle." Here it is below, had it with a salad that wasn't so pretty.

Skillet Shrimp