Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Challenge-Me 1 Year Ago

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 1 Facebook Profile Pic

My Bambino and I on 3/4/2012

10 Day Photo Challenge? I'm down!!

1. Facebook profile photo.

2. You, one year ago.

3. Someone you love.

4. A photo that makes you happy.

5. You, making a funny face.

6. Your celebrity crush.

7. You & your best friends.

8. You and your siblings.

9. Most recent photo of yourself.

10. A favorite photo you took yourself.
Saw this on a few other blogs, figured I'd give it a go too!!

Bye, Bye Wisdom Teeth

 Went into the Dentist today and got three wisdom teeth pulled, I orginally thought two would be pulled but three? OMG! Not to mention instead of one filling I need 7. So as I sit here typing and drooling, I am happy to say that I'm not in too much pain. My Mom has been taking care of me and for that I am so grateful. I managed to get a chocolate favorite and it hit the spot. Only drawback with that is my lactose intolerance, so I'm sure I'll be paying for it in the morning. Mashed potatoes from Popeyes is on the menu for dinner and Mom is making sure the kids have supper. Whatever they're having smells so darn delicious and I'm officially jealous.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


  Its official!! We have teeth...well of course I do but Faith has two! I'm so excited, because due to Faith being premature, I was told that her teeth would probably come in late. She not only has them but she's using them and biting everything in sight. She has also taking up the habit of nipple pinching...Yikes!!
On another note, my youngest son "hyper boy" started summer camp this morning. I was so tired that he almost quit before he started, but once I was up everything fell into place. What's that sound? Nothing! Doing a dance yes I am, until  this afternoon when he comes home. Now I just have to find something to do with one of the other two in the evening. Hummm....decisions.

Monday, May 28, 2012


  After a much need break, I've learned that stress is a powerful thing. A week ago I ended up in the ER with a blood pressure(bp) reading of 170/112. You can only imagine how nervous I was when I knew just how high my blood pressure was. Turns out my blood pressure was elevated due to anxiety and stress. I was not given any medication for my bp, but I was given anxiety meds. I guess if we control the disorder, we can control the symptom. But I had different plans...I turned to Dr. Google in search of natural ways to "turn the beat down." Google always seems to stress me out and is one reason that I'd worried myself sick in the first place. Although I did find several herbs and supplements that are suppose to lower my anxiety level as well as bp. Its been a few days and I'm feel better, not as much vertigo as before so, we shall see. Reports and reviews on my new found natural potions soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I see I have LOTS of page views, and I've followed several other blogs that have been posted asking to be followed as well. Can you please do me a favor and just click the follow button to the right? I'd really appreciate it and Thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time Flies...

  Time flies not only when your having fun but when your trying to get something done! Yesterday I swear my clocked fast forwarded four hours within one hour. Being that its NBA Basketball playoffs and I am a major Miami Heat fan, I decided to prepare a game feast, That feast consisted of Fried Chicken, Jambalaya, Deviled Eggs and Swedish Meatballs. Halfway into preparing the meal I realized that I'd made a big mistake. Faith begin to cry, my oldest son tells me has a rash and he's dizzy all of a sudden. Not to mention the kitchen began to feel as though it was 100 degrees. Thank God, my Mom(Super Grams) walks in and takes control. Mom feeds Faith, fold two loads of laundry in like 15 seconds and I check in the oldest who does have a rash but a brush burn. After discovering he's probably ate his weight in candy, that would explain his dizziness. What will I do with these kids!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's all GONE!!

  After changing my template, I've noticed that I didn't save everything like I was told to do, so that means I've lost several posting. Instead of crying over spilled milk, I'll just have to get on it and start posting more. Things have been super crazy with the opening of my new etsy shop, try to form a Women's softball team, summer camp registrations and 1000 Doctor's appointments. I could really use two extra hands, a nanny and a merry maid right about now. With so much going on how do I find time to cook? I'm not sure but the family has to eat, fast food is not an option being that it has a tendency to make the kids act I've found the way to lure the kids into eating healthy is to make the meal look pretty and always offer ketchup. For my latest creation I didn't even have to go grocery shopping, I had everything I needed. I found chicken breast that I'd orginally planned to fry as chicken fingers, baby carrots that I'd used the week before, leftover green beans and just enough instant mashed potatoes for a few people and here is what I got:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Tired Momma...

  Having a teething baby is no fun. Faith has been so restless lately, that I am maybe getting four hours of sleep a night. Not to mention last night I had the worst coughing spell that gave me a pounding headache. The kids got themselves ready this morning and I woke up ten minutes before they left. They were so quiet and organized. I didn't have to referee any fights or yell at anyone to stop arguing. I looked aroung at my almost spotless house and figured I'd join Faith back in bed once I did a few things. Haha funny joke...the minute I pulled back the covers to climb in bed she greets me with a rather gummy grin. There was no soothing Ms. Faith this morning and I finally got a nap in at 2:00pm. I woke up almost an hour later feeling as though I needed to do something. Oh yeah! Pick up my oldest son from school, I feel like such a horrible Mom when I pull up and he's sitting alone on the bench. On the way home I stop for snowballs as a peace offering. So for dinner its "freestyle nite" meaning whatever the kids find thats healthy and will fill them up, they are free to eat. I on the other hand made a quick salad, take a look below:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wash Day!

  All kids are off to school with the exception of one...My "homebody homegirl" Faith. Its 8:00am and I've already done three loads of laundry. In Louisiana culture Mondays are known as "wash day". The meaning of "wash day" dates back years. It's the day that women would rise early and put the Red Beans to slowly simmer on the stove. Once the laundry was done, the Red Beans were done as well. The secret to fresh and creamy Red Beans are to use a Louisiana grown product called Cameilla Red Beans. These beans are the