Sunday, September 30, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

  Yesterday I awoke at 7:30 am to brave the weather and tackle a few Garage Sales. I learned quickly that a few were canceled due to the rain. The rest of my day was spent cooking and cleaning. The Girl Scouts had a partial sleepover and I'd have to drop off my "little Brownie" for 6:00 and pick her up for midnight(yikes!) The day passed fast but the evening hours passed slowly as I watched the clock. I ended up picking up "Brownie" at 10:30 because there was no way I'd be awake at midnight. At the start of the drive, I prayed to not fall asleep. Being so tired I noticed I was probably driving like a drunk driver..not good. With tons of Police patrolling, I snapped out of it quick! We made it home in one piece and just as she settled into bed, I became wide awake. Enough rambling, check out my Garage Sale finds from earlier that day. A total of $6.00 spent.



  1. Wow! What great finds for $6! That green vase looks like it would make a great lamp base.

  2. Great idea with the lamp vase! Thanks :)