Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being Nice feels great!

  I decided to got on the walking trail even though it's Sunday, I figured I may as well do something productive since I awoke early(Thanks to Faith). I started out with plenty of energy but before I could hit 1 mile, I was "dog tired". I figured I'd hang it up early and head over to Smoothie King. I got there at 10:20am and they open at 11:00am, so I decided to go to the grocery store. Once there they didn't have what I needed so I figured we'd  head over to another store, in fact the same store I visited on Friday. On Friday after inspecting my bags I noticed the 2 packs of paper plates, that I handed my son to hold were missing. I immediately called the store irritated that I had to go back. They told me to come in to get them, which I didn't do because it was too far to travel. So I guessed today would be a good day to go over and pick them up. After getting there it's brought to my attention that I really didn't purchase them and it was only my error...Opps I was so embarassed. While there I picked up a few other things and headed over to check out. In line I noticed an older couple trying to slide in and cut the line from the side. I looked back and the line was extremely long. The wife whispered to her husband that they'd entered the line from the wrong angle, the husband argued with her and they went back and forth. After a rough morning I just wanted to checkout and go home and the "line cutter" was about to aggravate me. I slowly moved my buggy forward, as in "back off Mister" he then moved forward too. My patience level was being tested, but then something in my head said "Are you really gonna get mad at this older couple?" Immediately I felt so bad and as I looked back at the line behind me, I motioned for them to go. The couple smiled as though they'd won a prize and I felt like I'd presented it. Some days I get caught in the moment and I'm tired from being a homemaker, mom and super women. Some days I'm as mean as heck but today I chose to just relax...sit back and be nice. Hope they enjoyed their cookies!

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