Monday, October 8, 2012

  This morning the first thing I did this morning was check my facebook page. Why I did this? I have no clue but it's a bad habit that must stop. As in stop now, today I'm deleting my account. Facebook claims a lot of my time, its been a factor for too long in my life. I can't count how many of my favorite shows I've missed or how many times I've set off the smoke alarm because I burnt food while cooking. A few months ago my account was hacked and someone posted vulgar messages under my name. When it happened I was so hurt and upset, it was one of many moments when facebook caused my blood pressure to rise. For instance I had facebook friends that would see me in public and not even say hello and then there are the facebook friends that only post pics or status updates when they want to brag about something. Don't get me wrong I post Faith's pics often and positive things going on in my life too. I guess I've just out grown the site and some of the foolery on there. I do plan to go back and get the pics I posted but it's time for us to go our separate ways. Maybe sometime in the future we can reconcile but for now it's time to move on. I have so many other things to focus on like losing weight, lowering this old pressure of mine and taking care of the kiddies. Heck I have 99 problems but facebook is no longer 1!


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