Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Male Dancer for Hire

  So Christmas is 69 days away and I so love this season...BUT, how I wish it was tax return season too! Being a SAHM, I try to live frugal and with today's economy who isn't? I've been also trying to teach my kids the value of a buck. As a kid I was given everything I wanted, which backfired on my parents and heck even backfired on me! When the recession hit I darn near lost my mine. Anyways back to Christmas, last week I told the kids to make a list of 3 items that they really wanted. They were like "ONLY THREE THINGS!" so I had to explain they chose three and just maybe they'll get something else. Well they were cool with that until the Mister comes in last night and tells them in his coolest Santa voice "Make a list of what you want for Christmas, anything!" You can imagine how annoyed I was because there is a budget and I know their new request would break it. I was the reminded by him that every year we go the frugal route and the kids rarely get what they want. That is sorta true but at the same time unless we get a surprise stimulus package, things are still tight. Things are tight for a lot of families, so I know many can relate. The holidays are about spending time with family and pigging out to me. The Mister still insists on getting his list, so I laid down the law and explained to him that he'll have to hold true to his promise and that means if he has to go "Shake It" at the Blue Moon part-time, then that's just what he'll do! I'm kiddin...


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