Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I Love...

   I awoke this morning down in the dumps. I hate days like this, so I decided to do the first thing that entered my head...pray. I got up feeling better and then it clicked in my head, "if this day is gonna get any better, its up to me to change it." So I marched my butt into the kitchen, made some coffee and ignored the two fighting kids in my background. As my morning progressed things got worst, #2 had a severe tantrum, Faith decided to rip all my coupons in half and I dropped my new iPhone. Regardless I was still determined to shake the devil off. I decided what I needed to do was take a minute, regroup and just stop. I grabbed a tablet and decided to write down the things that I love and bring me happiness, here are a few:

1. I Love to cook, with that being said I also love to eat.

2. I Love to host events and cater to my guest.

3. I love the Fall season.

4. I love to see my son Kobi shoot a basketball.

5. I Love softball and would spend all day playing it in the park with my family or whomever wants to play.

6. I Love HGTV and I can and will watch home improvement shows all day.

7. I Love puppies!

8. I Love to hear my Mother laugh, it's contagious.

9. I Love to hear my Dad cuss it's hilarious.

10. I Love Target and Lowe's, I'd move in if they let me!

11. I Love company and hate to be alone.

12. I Love tattoos.

13. I Love Coffee but just got a warning from the Cardio Dr to quit.

14. I Love to take pics of random things.

15. I Love Faith's gap-toothed smile.

16. I Love Jewelry, not the expensive kind but Etsy jewelry.

17. I Love shopping.

18. I Love to see #2 and "My Little Brownie" dance.

19. I Love to laugh, was told I don't look friendly but I swear if u can make me laugh u'll be my friend 4-eva!

20. I LOVE ME!

If your having one of those "wanna throw a brick days" try the 20 Things I Love, it just might cheer you up.



  1. I love company and hate to be alone too. New follower.

  2. Glad I'm not alone feeling that way :)

  3. I love this idea! Next time I am having one one those days, this is exactly what I will do! I love many of the same things that you do :)You have a very cute blog, thanks for stopping by Savvy Suburban.

  4. Hi Crystal! Thanks for linking up on my Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop! It's always lots of fun meeting new people. I'm now following your blog. Thanks for following my blogs too!

    Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa and author of 5 blogs