Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

  Today I am Guest Blogging at Battling the Home Front. This blog belongs to Jessica, who's husband proudly serves our country overseas. Jessica is seeking coupons to use while overseas due to the high cost of things. If you would like information on that you can contact me and I'll give you information. 

  So, check out my guest post; Son Are Those My Heels Your Wearing? 



  1. Hi Crystal! Following back from the blog walk. I love the high heel story! My son decided yesterday that he needed a purse and make-up like mommy. His father gave me that look when I let him pick one of my extras, but I just laughed and told him to let it go he's only three! Love the blog too.


  2. Stopping by from "Follow Me I Follow You!" on Bloggy Moms and following. Great blog.

    1. Thanks Holly and Debra! Holly my son is such a clown, he's played in my make-up and purses too. Hubby doesn't like it but hey, what can u do?!? Its all in fun :)

  3. Hi. I saw you on Bloggy Moms and came on over to visit. Cute blog. I am always happy to make new friends.