Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Tired Momma...

  Having a teething baby is no fun. Faith has been so restless lately, that I am maybe getting four hours of sleep a night. Not to mention last night I had the worst coughing spell that gave me a pounding headache. The kids got themselves ready this morning and I woke up ten minutes before they left. They were so quiet and organized. I didn't have to referee any fights or yell at anyone to stop arguing. I looked aroung at my almost spotless house and figured I'd join Faith back in bed once I did a few things. Haha funny joke...the minute I pulled back the covers to climb in bed she greets me with a rather gummy grin. There was no soothing Ms. Faith this morning and I finally got a nap in at 2:00pm. I woke up almost an hour later feeling as though I needed to do something. Oh yeah! Pick up my oldest son from school, I feel like such a horrible Mom when I pull up and he's sitting alone on the bench. On the way home I stop for snowballs as a peace offering. So for dinner its "freestyle nite" meaning whatever the kids find thats healthy and will fill them up, they are free to eat. I on the other hand made a quick salad, take a look below:

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