Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's all GONE!!

  After changing my template, I've noticed that I didn't save everything like I was told to do, so that means I've lost several posting. Instead of crying over spilled milk, I'll just have to get on it and start posting more. Things have been super crazy with the opening of my new etsy shop, try to form a Women's softball team, summer camp registrations and 1000 Doctor's appointments. I could really use two extra hands, a nanny and a merry maid right about now. With so much going on how do I find time to cook? I'm not sure but the family has to eat, fast food is not an option being that it has a tendency to make the kids act I've found the way to lure the kids into eating healthy is to make the meal look pretty and always offer ketchup. For my latest creation I didn't even have to go grocery shopping, I had everything I needed. I found chicken breast that I'd orginally planned to fry as chicken fingers, baby carrots that I'd used the week before, leftover green beans and just enough instant mashed potatoes for a few people and here is what I got:

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