Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo Challenge Failed!!

  Of course I would forget to post that someone I loved yesterday! Darn it, but I had so many things going on yesterday that once I did get on the internet...well I feel asleep. We did get great news regarding Faith yesterday at her Cardio appointment. According to her Doctor, her ASD is no longer visible on the Echo and he couldn't detet a heart murmur. She's still on the short side but she's tipping the scale at almost 19lbs. We visited the NICU and everyone who saw her was a amazed at how well she is doing. I am so gratful to God and all my prayer warriors that have been with me through the rough journey this year has been. On another note the drive to New Orleans was rather eventful. We got lost! How do u get lost in New Orleans? Its one big circle, but we missed exit and exit. I did get to take a few pics and we got to see the Doctor early since we were late. After our journey we got Faith's ears pierced. As is well that ends well! Happy Day!!!

Pic I took on the Greater New Orleans Bridge.

 Faith with her new earrings!

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